Failed Vision Screening

Regular vision screenings in schools and pediatrician offices play a vital role in detecting potential vision issues among children. When a problem is identified, it’s important to be seen by an eyecare provider. Pediatric ophthalmologists are specially trained to diagnose and treat medical and surgical eye issues in children including but not limited to lazy eye, misalignment of the eyes, large prescription errors, and excessive tearing of the eyes. As a child’s visual system continues to develop, it is crucial that we make sure there’s nothing that is stunting normal development. It is possible that issues not caught and treated in a timely manner can cause irreversible problems down the road. Here at Solon Eye Care and Surgery, we perform a comprehensive exam including a dilated eye exam for children who have failed their vision screenings. We look at how well each eye can see, how they move, and how the prescriptions of each eye compare with one another. This will allow us to provide a comprehensive assessment on how your child’s eyes are doing and what the problems (if any) may be.